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As a customer of Runway Fashions, it is important to be aware of their current policies. The store has a strict "ALL SALES FINAL" policy, meaning that once you purchase an item, you cannot return it for a refund, exchange it for another item, or receive store credit. This policy applies to all in-store (off the rack) and online purchases, as well as special orders and layaway merchandise. Additionally, it's worth noting that Runway Fashions policies are subject to change without notice.

Currently, we are experiencing delays that are caused by various issues born out of the pandemic, including staffing at factories worldwide; components supply shortages, customs delays, and shipping problems. This combination of issues, among others, is causing this supply-chain disruption and increase in manufacturing and shipping charges, and it is not unique to our business or industry. Due to these unpredictable market conditions, all prices are subject to change without notice. Prices may differ in store from online pricing.

Please be advised that all alteration fittings, dress pickups, and try-ons of dress orders or completed alterations must be done Monday through Friday only! No Saturdays, No Sundays. NO EXCEPTIONS! 

If an order is placed by phone, Runway Fashions cannot be held responsible for the size provided by the customer when we have not personally seen or measured the customer to determine the correct size. Furthermore, we cannot be held responsible if a customer insists on ordering a size that goes against our store's measurements or recommendations.

The store currently has a strict try-on policy in place. For full details, please contact the store directly.

Please see store for full store policy, or refer to your sales receipt.

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